Little Rock First Baptist Church

Lets walk through the process of how this install went with Little Rock First Baptist Church…

We first started with the original hard copy blueprints from 1972…

Original Blueprints from 1972

We took those prints to our office and converted them into a digital AutoCAD type format that works with our 3D software…

To Scale Digitized file from Original Blueprints

From this, we built the drawing up into a 3D environment to simulate the actual building…

3D Build from Blueprints

3D Build from Blueprints

After meeting with the client and deciding what was needed, we put the actual lighting fixtures in the new 3D model to see what it would look like…

Simulated Lighting with 3D Renderings

The system was approved by the client, we placed an order for all of the gear and proceeded with the install…

Actual Photo of Completed Lighting System after Install!



Little Rock First Baptist church

Actual Photo of Completed Lighting System after Install!

The install at Little Rock First Baptist is complete and they have had their first concert performance with the new system. The new Martin Lighting rig has performed flawlessly and the M1 console has been a pleasure to install once again!

I just have to say it has been such a pleasure working with the entire team over at LRFBC. The install so far has gone exactly as planned. We have the Front of House position installed and working, along with removing the old Lehigh lighting console and replacing it with the new Martin M1.

The list of gear going in at Little Rock First Baptist Church is as follows:

  • 1 Martin M1 Lighting Console
  • 12 Martin 700 Profiles
  • 4 Martin 700 Washes
  • 4 Martin 301 LED Washes
  • 4 Martin 350 Entour LED Profiles
  • 8 LED Pars
  • 2 LED Strips
  • 1 Wireless DMX system with 2 transmitters and 3 Receivers
  • 100′ of XSF 12″x12″ Trussing
  • 5 1/2 ton motors

This system will give them a whole new capability for events and theatrical productions or presentations. Worship Pastor, Jerry Wilson had the vision and now is able to see it coming together. We are honored to be a part of this upgrade and can’t wait to see the product finished.